At Corporate Compensation Partners, LLC, we tailor our Services to fit your needs, whether your organization is Public, Private, or Non-Profit. We provide custom services with the convenience of one central contact - CCP. Companies that combine their in-house capabilities with selective outsourcing maximize savings and service. CCP works closely with our clients to design and implement a strategic direction for their compensation programs that will complement and enhance their ability to achieve the stated business philosophy. Once developed, the strategy serves as the baseline upon which a client's compensation program can be evaluated, and the foundation for developing new programs for the future. Mission: To partner with you to provide innovative solutions for success through design, planning, and implementation and providing consulting services that extend your department resources and knowledge.
• Expertise
• Integrity
• Commitment
• Communication
• Alignment
• Flexibility
• Results
• Relationships
Corporate Compensation Partners, LLC is different than other consulting firms because of our approach with new clients. We maintain strong relationships and communication with our clients and help them every step of the way.
In order to get to know the client, the culture, and the history of the organization, we review the mission and strategy statements, financial data, performance data, job descriptions, pay schedules, pay history, and other background materials. We listen to our client's experiences and challenges in behavioral change, obstacles, goals for the future and other key topics that may provide us insight into organizational behavior. This assures a full understanding by our staff, which we need in order to accurately prescribe new solutions. Our approach to consulting engagements includes a clarification session involving first-hand discussion with the client to clarify needs and design the overall consulting engagement. Following the initial meeting, all the elements of the engagement are reduced to a written plan with associated actions, timelines, and client approval steps.
Each major initiative is sorted by related activities and subdivided into Phases for action and implementation. These actions are then reviewed by both client and consulting staff, assigned completion dates, and the responsible parties identified. The steps for the plan include timelines for client approvals to reduce expensive backtracking and rework. Client delivery and final presentation steps are the most critical steps as the design phases draw to a close. Implementation and communication actions are included as the project sponsors dictate.
Stakeholder commitments-to-action are key to the success of any project design and implementation. We encourage active client engagement throughout the project at specific measurement points to ensure understanding alignment, and approval resulting in higher satisfaction. We manage this through providing progress reports, identifying potential barriers for management action, and requiring management sign off at the completion of each stage.
In order to design effective compensation programs, we study our client's needs, culture, and competitive environment in which they operate. This research step shapes our understanding of our client demographics, employee interactions, and internal processes. Critical at this stage is identifying company performance, industry dynamics, and establishing peer groups for benchmarking competitive rates of pay and prevalence of design structures.
Utilizing the data we uncover in the research phase, we design custom solutions integrated with best practice in compensation theory in order to maximize your human capital and competitive position in the marketplace. We design programs to ensure employee pay supports your organization, team, and individual performance.
We utilize our resources and first-hand knowledge of your organization gained through the Discovery and Research phases to develop recommendations. We review program alignment, goal attainment, behaviors and results, and provide the cost impact of implementation.
Each client has different needs and challenges confronting their business strategy and human capital management. We recommend solutions customized to each situation based upon our research and analysis. We will help you determine the best courses of action.
The best designed compensation programs will fail if not properly communicated to employees and managers. Pay is personal and confidential. Delivering the right message requires planning, consistency, and a deft touch.


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"Rodney is without a doubt the BEST compensation professional that I have ever worked with. He not only knows the technical aspects of compensation, he often comes up with resources and creative solutions that the large consulting houses are not able to give us. Rodney is an excellent communicator both in writing and in person. He is very skilled in difficult situations that often occur in compensation administration. Many times the compensation professional is the one who has to say "no." Rodney is able to state his position without putting the other party on the defensive."